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I am a mod, and you have the right to know what I am about, too.

Name: Stormey Omega
Age: fourteen
Birthday: June 14th
You're a boy or girl? female
You like boys or girls? males
The best bands ever (do not name more than 5, phucker): Red Hot Chili Peppers & The (phucking) Format
Didn't deserve a record deal: Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Whoever sings "You Turn Me On"
Favorite movie, why? Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Not sure why. It has a wonderful...non-sensworthy plot. I've loved it since the first time I saw it. Which is the same thing with Ocean's Eleven, I've loved it since I was sitting on my sister's couch in Ohio watching it on her new DVD player. great, great plot.
I'm a freak.
Favorite song, why? I don't know what it's called =]] I think it's "You're a Mess to be Made" by the Format. That's most of the song. I ♥ it.
Song Lyrics best desribing you, how you feel, or your life: "You know me, or you think you do, you just don't seem to see, I've been waiting all this time to be something I can't define" I don't even know what I am. And I hate it when people think they know me. They don't.
Best show ever: Uhhh. Phuck you, I don't know.
Why do you like emo/screamo? Because I CAN. I'm a bitch.
Ever been broken hearted? Nope. At least, if I did, I don't remember.
Explain: I have the best boyfriend in the world...and...he...fixed meh?
Ever been stbbed in the back real bad? Do tell: No?
Why should we let YOU in? PHUCK YOU!
Bush or Kerry? Kerry, but I like MY bush better.
Do you smoke? Phuck no.
Drink? RARELY.
Do drugs? Phuck no.

Favorite screamer? Ashlee Simpson (only joking)

One random fact about yourself: When I went to the Civic Tour with my friend Chelsea, the Edge 103.9 (radio station) dude interviewed me, and he asked me what a random fact was, and...I said something really stupid, that I think had something to do with my eyes. I felt so so dumb.
Got a band? Yes, it's called MeAndMaryLikeToFuckInTheRainKid
Do you play an instrument? the boner, bitch
Favorite gum: Orbit?
Promote us, and give us a link to where: Phuck you
- at least 3 of yourself

After taking that, I realized that it reminded me very much of the lyrics "By the fence, I see tears in her eyes, why she cries, I just don't know" and I like it.

- someone/thing you love

Mary looking as good as ever.

I love Scott, being with Scott, and California. Perfect.
Not to mention, Mommy#2 took the picture. ♥ =]
- a band
Phuck you
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